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Why Choose Impact Resistant Windows and Doors?

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Impact Resistant Glass in Windows

Why Choose Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors

  Forget hurricane shutters – you want hurricane windows and doors to stop flying debris and the destructive force of wind pressure.

Did you know wind pressure can get under hurricane shutters and pull / push your windows and doors out of their settings?

Once a window or door is breached, tremendous pressure is brought to bear on your interior walls, as is an upward pressure on your roof—this can lead to roof failure and exposing the inside of your home to the storm.

You need hurricane windows and doors built to withstand Category 5 wind speeds.
Our laminated glass is formed via permanently bonding two pieces of glass to a tough, resilient plastic film known as an interlayer.
The glass may crack upon impact, but the pieces adhere to the protective interlayer. This unbreached interlayer will protect your family and your home and contents from the damaging effects of the elements.

Here’s what happened when our product was put to the ultimate test.
Florida’s Best® had thousands of units in buildings directly hit by the series of hurricanes that plagued Florida in 2004/05—we proudly report they suffered zero product failures.

Don’t compromise your family’s safety
hurricane proof your home properly.
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Florida’s Best® products passed:
  • Air and water infiltration tests
  • Structural load and forced entry resistance tests
  • Government airport sound mitigation tests

10 excellent reasons to install Low-E impact-resistant windows and doors

1. One time installation
2. All year protection from natural disasters, including hurricanes
3. Better wind pressure protection than hurricane shutters
4. UV protection
5. Energy savings – reduces your electricity bill
6. Affordability – break-even is equal to 1.5 put ups / take downs of shutters
7. No unsightly shutter mounting bolts
8. Forced entry resistant
9. Sound resistance (STC-rated products)
10. Impact-resistant windows are more architecturally pleasing than hurricane shutters.

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Install impact-resistant windows to hurricane proof your Florida home.
For a free estimate, call WDM on 305 725-5359.

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